Saturday, March 28, 2009

Portland Food Carts

image from On Portland

If you live in Portland Oregon, or are planning on visiting there any time soon, then you need to check out these food carts dotted around the city. I used to live in Portland, it is such a great city. I would not mind moving back if circumstances allowed one day. Julie says that it's a lot like Austin Texas, and from the one time I have been to Austin I would have to agree. For one thing, both cities have great food! Hey Julie- I have been wanting to make Migas (is that how you spell it?) for breakfast, you should totally post a recipe for it on here; I have never seen it offered anywhere on a menu in DC.

Anyway, go check out this article on some great food carts that are really popular in Portland. The article also offers some recipes to recreate some of the dishes at home. I think I might have to give the Eggs and Greens a whirl. I will be up there soon and will have to revisit a couple, especially Samurai Bento (I used to live right near there).


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