Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello? Let me re-introduce ourselves...

Dear Readers,

Is anyone still out there? Curious where we've been lately? It has been a long time!

Well, life happens... I know Beth has been insanely busy with graduate school, and I was preoccupied caring for my mother-in-law through the ups and downs of the lengthy process of her cancer treatments... you know, life happens.

The other issue that has kept me, at least, from feeling free to write about food and recipes here is that my family has been transitioning to a vegan diet. The reasons are many and varied, and the path has been interesting, but I finally feel like I'm settled into this new lifestyle and ready to talk food here.

Beth has also recently decided to move to a plant-based way of eating (yay!), so we plan to take this blog in a slightly different direction, and feature healthy, plant-strong foods and recipes.

I hope you'll stay with us, even if you are someone who currently enjoys your omnivorous diet. I'm eager to share the vast potential and deliciousness of food that does not contain animal-based ingredients. Most people unfamiliar with vegan foods get hung up on what you *can't* eat, but the possibilities are endlessly exciting when you actually think about what you *can* eat! There are so many fantastic foods to explore once you release yourself from the animal-based-foods box. Stick around and see for yourself!

So, with all that being said... new posts to come soon! See you then.

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